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“Of all human pursuits, the pursuit of wisdom is the most perfect, the most sublime, the most useful, and the most agreeable.” ― Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles I

St. Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Dominican Friar in the 13th century and is arguably the most influential philosopher of his time, as well as one of the Church’s greatest theologians. A Doctor of the Church, St. Thomas is known for his Summa Theologica and started a school of thought for those who follow his philosophical and theological teaching, called Thomism. Of note, St. Thomas taught on natural law and the existence of God, among many others.

As a patron of Catholic schools and students, it is fitting for St. Thomas to be the patron of this site. We strive to use the resources we have to not only to further the education of the students in our schools, but to help them know, love, and serve God. We follow in the steps of St. Thomas in teaching not just the faith, but how to interact with God’s created world.

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